Mark Robinow ›art + commerce‹ is an art consultancy specializing in all aspects of providing expertise for collectors, buyers and re-sellers of fine art photography and contemporary art. We organize and manage exhibitions for artists, galleries, and corporate sponsors, and choose suitable venues that fulfill our clients´ needs. Over the past decade we have put together an informal international network of artists, collectors, and dealers, allowing us to connect one to the other according to very specific requirements. The photographers we represent come from around the globe and specialize in all aspects of fine art photography, as well as a vast variety that emphasize our special interests and core competence: landscapes, wildlife- and, in particular, rock ´n roll & jazz photography.

Services for Emerging Artists

We continue to pursue the discovery and marketing of emerging – as well as established – contemporary photographic artists, producing exhibitions and related events in venues all over the world, ranging from galleries and auction houses to corporate headquarters and hotels.

Services for Collectors & Corporate Collections

We consult our corporate clients on various subjects such as developing a collection based on parameters that our clients give us , or alternatively some that we suggest . These parameters are based on corporate guidelines of our client and various themes that form a natural Synergy with their corporate identity and communications plan.

Mark Robinow ›art + commerce‹ has managed to place many of its artists´ work into private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, China, US and Indonesia as well as into some prestigious corporate collections such as:

Sozialbau AG – Vienna, Austria

Rothgordt & Cie.- Munich, Germany

Michael & Goss Foundation – Houston, Texas

Budja Collection – London, England

Services for Corporate Sponsors/Hotels

Mark Robinow ›art + commerce‹ supplies most of the established luxury hotel and resort chains. Hotels are our favorite clients as we strongly believe that hosting an exhibition in a hotel is one of the best „Platforms“ do combine the wishes and needs of both parties involved. We strategically approach the same target group and offer services of our clients, the hotel services and our own in perfect unity. A classic win-win situation.

For a list of Hotels were we have hosted shows and or have worked with, please check our client area/list

Services for luxury brands, banks and the automotive industry

Mark Robinow ›art + commerce‹ particularly stresses working with these industries, as they share a clientele and focus on the same target groups of potential clients. We offer tailor made proposals to expedite your wishes for your subtle product presentation within the exhibition opening and duration to underline your ongoing support of the project.

Luxury Brands, Banks, Automobiles and any kind of exclusive product have a natural synergy with art. We therefore try to emphasize this relation by developing creative solutions for all of our clients.

We have worked with many such corporations and have retained many of them as sponsors and/or continuous clients over the years. For a list of our clients please check out the client icon on our homepage.

Services for Interior Architects & Decorators

Mark Robinow ›art + commerce‹ is proud to associated with some of the worlds most established interior decorators, offering such services as recommending artwork for private homes, public spaces, corporations and vacation homes & hotels for their respective clients.

Some of our interior architects & decorator partners:

Candy and Candy – London, England

Peter Buchberger-Munich, Germany

Hetta Hyme- Bali, Indonesia